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Tidewater Wealth Advisors, LLC is a different type of company that takes a professional perspective with respect to capital legacies. We offer a fee-only service and cater to individuals, trusts, foundations and endowments. For this reason, we are primarily concerned with longevity in the market and avoid the daily lows and highs. At the core of our approach is a belief in capital legacy. To ensure that each of our clients has the professional attention that we take pride in offering, we develop a rapport that helps us to understand the needs, desires and investment strategies that our clients are comfortable with. Once we have reached a consensus with respect to financial goals, we then let our guiding principle grow our clients' capital assets.

Preserving wealth is an essential component of our financial planner services, and we strive to limit risk in a variety of ways. Purchasing proven winners in the market is essential, and having a broad base in a wide range of diverse entities ensures that our clients achieve high returns without losing their initial investment. We also look towards the future and pick avenues that provide decades of tradition ensuring the highest return over the longest period of time.

Ensuring a capital legacy requires professional attention that balances optimal returns with added tax liabilities. Our team of professionals is well versed in the latest legislation and stays abreast of changes as they occur. To reduce tax exposure mandates a coordinated approach, and our capital management office provides the detailed information that allows clients a chance to weigh the risks versus the rewards.

We also strive to provide personalized attention, and our team is always available to answer any questions about your successful financial future.

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