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Tidewater Wealth Advisors, LLC has created a unique family office that is ideally suited to our clients whose families have substantial wealth and require customized attention. While many financial planning firms offer excellent services, an enormous amount of capital has its own unique set of needs and requires the professional attention that crosses multiple disciplines. Our fee-based financial planner has special expertise in complex asset classes. We routinely provide services to clients who have diverse needs in their portfolios and require experience with art stewardship, private foundation management and estate and tax planning.

Our family office is also in a unique position to offer superior results and help families achieve their goal of multi-generational wealth transfer. As part of our services, we recognize the value of investing in the future, and our long-term approach discourages immediate returns in favor of lasting results and true capital growth. We also understand the different tax advantages that exist for substantial patrons and provide private foundation management that is in strict accordance with well-defined parameters.

Preserving wealth requires a balanced approach that takes full benefit of all available tax havens. Our team works with many families who have enormous capital legacies, and we know multiple means to reduce overall tax liability while providing stewardship for future generations.

For more information on our family office, and how our customized financial advisor services are different in a fundamental way, feel free to contact our offices today.

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